The Holbrook Fire Department enters into Phase 2 Reopening
By Member Neil Heffernan
June 16, 2020

This is the guidelines for Phase 2 Reopening of the Holbrook Fire Department

The District and Office of the Chief emphasize that the virus is not contained, remains active and is infectious.
We must be safe to ensure the health of all Members and their families.


* Monday, June 15, at 00:01 hours the Holbrook Fire Department will allow Members ONLY (no family or guests) to utilize our entire Fire Department facilities with exception of the gym/weight room. This will remain closed. All Members must practice social distancing, hand washing and proper PPE worn per CDC guidelines. SCPD will be allowed to access our Fireman's Room at all Stations.

* Food and all beverages are now permitted in the firehouse.

* Company and Department training is now allowed in small groups (10 or less). If larger groups are present, break up into groups of 10 or less to adhere to proper social distancing.

* Committee meetings will be allowed to resume with proper social distancing.

* Signal 8's are now permitted with no more than 2 Members cooking to allow for social distancing.

* Restrooms will be single occupancy only.

* Members are urged to assist in disinfecting common areas (tables, chairs, door handles, keyboards, remotes, telephones, etc.) with wipes and disinfectants that will be available.


* Members with underlying medical conditions should understand the risks and consider self-isolation.

* A Member that has experienced any symptoms must report to the Chief so we can take appropriate precautions.

* Chiefs and Officers will enforce social distancing rules, hand washing regulations and proper PPE use.